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Electricity at Work certificates

All employers and employees have a legal responsibility to ensure that electrical systems are safe.

Conformity with BS7671 – our UK National Safety Standard, is the essential route to ensuring your electrical wiring system complies with UK Legislation.

Each year around 20 people die from electric shock or electric burns whilst at work, and about a further 30 die from electrical accidents in the home. Most of these accidents are preventable if proper safe working procedures are followed.

Electric shock is not the only hazard. Where electrical arcing occurs, perhaps as a result of accidental short circuit, the heat generated can be intense and, even if it persists for only a very short time, it can cause deep-seated and slow-healing burns. Electricians often fail to appreciate the very real risk of injury that can arise from arcing. As a result, there are several hundred serious burn accidents each year arising from unsafe working practices. The intense ultraviolet radiation from an electric arc can also cause damage to the eyes.

Arcing, overheating and, in some cases, electrical leakage currents can cause fire or explosion by igniting flammable materials. This can cause death, injury and considerable financial loss.

Most electrical accidents occur because people are working on or near equipment that is:
• Thought to be dead but is still live
• Known to be live, but those involved do not have adequate training or appropriate   equipment or they have not taken the adequate precautions

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